Winter Weed: Stay Cozy with These 5 Strains

As winter settles in and the days get shorter, there is a shift in mood. Of course, many people want to hunker down inside with a good book and a warm blanket. However, for those who enjoy cannabis during this time of year and are looking for recommendations for what to smoke, we've got you covered! Whether you are partial to energizing sativa strains, have a soft spot for indica buds, or like to mix it up with a good hybrid strain, there are plenty of options to help keep warm during the cold weather. Let’s look at five winter weed strains sure to hit the spot and make your winter enjoyable.

Best Strains for Cold Weather

Although weed strains themselves aren’t necessarily seasonal in nature, our recommendations for strains to smoke in the winter are based on certain quintessential moods you might experience this season. So whether you want to boost your energy levels and make the dreary winter more bearable with our sativas or cope with the stresses and anxieties that come with this shift in seasons with our indica-dominant hybrid strains, there’s something for every mood. Plus, our hybrid strains also bring something different to the table, so trust us when we say you will love what comes next.

Prepare for the winter season with Panacea's finest cannabis strains. We've scoured our inventory and narrowed it down to these 5 top choices that will help you relax in style:

Acid Dough (Sativa)*

If dark winter days aren’t your jam and you need something to give you that extra burst of energy, look no further than Acid Dough from Mayflower. Predominantly a sativa strain, it offsets the dreariness outside by inducing bright and vibrant feelings. Its effects are noticeable in a matter of minutes and last anywhere between 2 to 4 hours.

A cross between Lilly and OG Badazz, Acid Dough is the perfect choice if you want something to boost your spirits and help you maintain that mood for a few hours. Both its taste and aromas are reminiscent of sugar-filled desserts, which adds an element of coziness to the experience. In addition, the strain can induce states of focus and even inspiration, which we know can be hard to come by when the world outside feels bleak. Smoking Acid Dough is a surefire way to lift your spirits and get things done with enthusiasm, leaving you feeling more satisfied and less stressed as you go about your day.

Durban Buds (Sativa)

Originating all the way in South Africa are High Supply’s Sativa-dominant Durban Buds. Like Acid Dough, Durban is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for that extra daytime boost, especially in the face of a harsh winter. With a concentration of 17% THC content, this cannabis strain is best suited for those with a high tolerance.

Durban buds brings users a bright, energetic effect that will shake off any winter blues you might be suffering from. Its aroma and flavor are both piney and earthy, making it a pleasure to smoke on cold days. The effects kick in quickly and last for several hours, giving you just the right amount of fuel to take on whatever tasks or activities await you.

Although the sativa strain is commonly associated with an active mood, the buds can also bring about a sense of physical relief and calm with time. Durban has also proved to be a reliable source of comfort for users seeking relief from symptoms of chronic stress and depression.

Bubble Bath (Indica)

For those looking for a more relaxed experience or for those who have a preference for indica strains, Bubble Bath by High Supply is a solid option to curl up with in cold climates. It is the ideal companion when you simply want to kick back and spend a cozy and relaxed winter afternoon or evening indoors. At 17%, the THC level is high enough, making for an overall calming and gentle mood. Its effects become apparent as soon as you take it and can last up to four hours. Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Alpha Humulene are the most dominant terpenes in Bubble Bath. This flower has a strong earthy aroma, predominantly that of citrus and pine, accompanied by a slight fuel-like scent.

Bubble Bath makes sure you experience contentment and pleasure by helping you let go of negative thoughts and inspires states of pure bliss. We recommend using it when you are not burdened with too many tasks that require your full attention, as the cannabis strain sedates the mind and body. In addition, users having trouble relaxing and falling asleep will benefit greatly from using Bubble Bath.

Wedding Cake (Indica)

Winter is incomplete without the aromas and warmth of baked goods to soothe us. Mile 62’s Wedding Cake is the embodiment of this experience. It has the distinct aroma of vanilla cake frosting and a cookie taste that engulfs your taste buds and senses as you exhale. But, of course, this only elevates the relaxed mood it creates, which is especially helpful in easing stress and anxiety.

While it may induce sleepiness, it strikes the perfect balance by bringing the user to a state of happiness. Wedding Cake is also an excellent option for those wanting to exercise their creative muscles.

An Indica-dominant strain containing 27% THC and .08% CBD content, Wedding Cake is famous for the calm and euphoria it brings users. It contains 11 terpenes, the most prominent of which are Beta-Caryophyllene, Beta Myrcene, and Nerolidol. Thanks in part to the terpenes, in addition to its benefits for those suffering from stress anxiety, Wedding Cake has also proven to help users struggling with insomnia, issues with appetite, chronic pain, and muscle soreness. We suggest cranking up some music as you sit back and ease into the Wedding Cake experience.

Headband x Memory Loss (Hybrid)*

Headband x Memory Loss is another showstopper from Mile 62. Derived from Headband, known for its medicinal benefits and Memory Loss, a solid sativa strain, the flower has a lot going for it. It inherits healing and energizing properties, making it a stellar hybrid to smoke in winter.

This hybrid strain is fairly potent, with .12% CBD and 27% THC content. Among its 11 terpenes (which make up 1.9% terpene content) are Beta Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Limonene. These contribute to an uplifting and relaxing experience, perfect for a slight boost on a short winter day. Headband x Memory Loss has aromas familiar to those who smoke classic OG and haze cannabis strains.

As Headband x Memory Loss starts working its magic the moment you take it, feelings of stress and anxiety disappear and are nowhere to be found for 2-4 hours. This cannabis strain strikes a balance between energy and calm, leaving you feeling inspired and satisfied. In addition, this famous strain has a cerebral effect, making it easier to find motivation and focus on any tasks that need your attention. This strain is also perfect for a chill movie night or an art & crafts session with your friends.

Storing Weed in the Winter

If you're looking to make the most of your cannabis strains throughout the winter, proper storage is essential. It will preserve its flavor, potency and aroma and ensure that your experience with them is as enjoyable as possible. So pay attention to how you store these precious buds for an unforgettable smoking session!

There are several factors to consider when putting your winter weeds away, whether for a few hours or months. To ensure that you savor the most of your wintry cannabis, here are some tips on how to properly store weed during this season.

Keep the weed out of extreme temperatures

When it comes to what temperatures to store your weed in, either extreme is best avoided. Be cautious in the winter, as extremely low temperatures can affect the terpenes and the flower's CBD content. Nevertheless, be mindful not to counteract this effect by storing your cannabis in a location that's too hot. If the environment is excessively warm, it could lead to your cannabis becoming overly dry and losing all its terpenes. Moderate temperatures around 70° F are the way to go if you want weed to last a while without compromising quality.

You may have heard of freezing weed as a strategy to preserve it long-term. Although it is an option, we don’t necessarily recommend it, especially during winter. The temperatures will likely cause your herb to dry out and damage the trichomes. If you choose to do it, wrap it in parchment paper and store it in an airtight container. Then, keep an eye on it every once in a while, and make sure it thaws entirely before you use it again.

Keep it away from humidity and light

Excess humidity, i.e., exposure to too much moisture, can cause the winter weeds to grow mold. But mold can be challenging to spot. Look out for any spots or unusual odors. On the other hand, an especially dry environment will dehydrate the flower and may lead to brittle buds that are not as smooth or safe to smoke. About 60% RH is most suitable for cannabis.

Heat and UV light have an undesirable but sizable impact on how well your weed is preserved. Direct sunlight, especially, can cause the deterioration of cannabinoids and loss of potency. However, even prolonged exposure to indirect light in the winter can harm the plant. Storing the cannabis in a cool, relatively dark place, such as an opaque container, is the safest bet.

Ensure that your herb is properly sealed

Oxidation of cannabinoids and terpenes can severely compromise the potency, flavor, and longevity of winter weed. To ensure your product lasts as long as possible, store it in an airtight container to prevent any further degradation caused by oxidation. It's the best way to keep your cannabis fresh!

The material of the container is an essential factor to consider. Although plastic bags and containers are an adequate solution for short-term storage, they can be harmful in the long run. These containers are susceptible to air leakages and “sweating,” which can lead to mold. Not only that, but the trichomes present on the bud can stick to the plastic bag due to static electricity. Plastic also contains tons of chemicals that can interact and cause cannabis to spoil.

Glass containers are an excellent alternative, as they do not pose the same risks as plastic. Mason jars or spice jars are easy to find and make for perfect storage options. If you want to go further, opt for an opaque container or UV-protective covering. If you want to store the buds for the entirety of the season, glass storage is the only option.

Consider labeling your jars, so you avoid getting the strains mixed up. This is especially useful if you are storing multiple varieties at once. Put the date of the purchase or harvest on the jar, so you can keep track of their “freshness.” Don’t forget to list the strain's name and THC/CBD content!

The winter season doesn't have to mean an end to your weed supply. With proper storage and precautionary measures, you can continue enjoying cannabis strains during this time without compromising on quality. So don't be afraid to experiment with different winterweed strains and see what works best! You may just find the perfect winter strain to beat the cold. Happy puffing!

Cozy Up with Cannabis Flower from Panacea

Depending on what you’re looking for and how you want to spend your days this season, each of these five strains has a wonderful experience in store for you this winter. They are all readily available at our stores, and if none of these winter strains strike a chord with you, check out the rest of Panacea’s collection of craft cannabis.

Also, don’t forget to keep an eye out for our daily deals to get the best experience at stellar prices. Our customers are our top priority, so we only source the finest and most reliable cannabis products from trusted brands. We take pride in delivering exceptional quality every time!

Winter may not be the cheeriest of seasons, but it can sure be cozy when you have the right cannabis strain by your side during the cold climates. So stop by today or order online to get the perfect winter weed strain for a memorable winter experience!