Our Products

Betty's Eddies Infused Fruit Chews


A national favorite- sweet, sticky and packs a punch! We’re extra “chewsy” about our ingredients which means all Betty’s Eddies are vegan, gluten-free, made with real fruits & veggies, and infused with naturally extracted THC.

Nature’s Heritage Cannabis Co.


Top-tier flower for the cannabis connoisseur. We select only the best cultivars that reflect an appreciation for lineage and strain integrity. Always hand-trimmed, cured for several weeks, organic & pesticide-free.

Bourne Baking Co. Handmade Edibles

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Handcrafted right here in Massachusetts, Bourne Baking Company reinvents classic desserts with premium quality cannabis for a sweet treat that will leave you craving more. Each bite is infused with 20mgs of THC and are available in a 5 pack.  

Kalm Fusion Microdose Mints


We’ve fused science with sanity to create convenient, delicious products that deliver a dependable dose of peace with flexible, low dose options. Kalm Fusion products are made with no artificial colors or flavors.

Made with love & intention at ARL Healthcare in New Bedford, MA