Find a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner

  • First, reach out to your primary care physician or nurse practitioner to see if they are able to certify you for medical cannabis. If they are unable to, you’ll have to find a cannabis certifying specialist. Many are offering telemed appointments at this time. This means, the doctor or NP is able to certify you for medical cannabis online or over the phone. We’ve made it even easier for you – see our list below of Massachusetts cannabis doctors offering telemed appointments.
  • During your telemed appointment, you’ll be certified online or over the phone, and will be entered into the Initial Access Program. The Initial Access Program gives new patients a temporary 14-day, 2.5oz allotment until your official registration card comes in the mail. See “Register with the State” on this page (at the bottom) for how you’ll officially register with the state.
  • Typically, your certification is valid up to 1 year, but in some cases, you may only be certified for a shorter period. Be sure to keep tabs on expiration dates. View our Patient Handbook (also linked on this page) for other dates to keep in mind, and how best to track them all.

  • Once you are certified and have your Initial Access Registration Card, you’re almost on your way to visiting a dispensary that same day!