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Panacea Wellness is proud to offer the largest menu of products on the east coast.

The Premiere Medical Marijuana Dispensary on the East Coast

Panacea Wellness is proud to serve multiple states on the East Coast. From the historic, greater Annapolis, Maryland area to the charming coastal cities of Massachusetts, to the bustling metropolis of Boston, those looking for a dispensary with a focus on modern wellness and quality cannabis products can find it at Panacea.

Our beautifully designed spaces, high-quality in-house brands, and knowledgeable staff is what makes the Panacea Wellness experience enjoyable every time you visit. Visit a Panacea Dispensary near you today - we’re looking forward to serving you.


25% off for Veterans

As a thank you to those who served our country, we're proud to offer 25% off everyday to our Veterans. Our goal is to make sure all Veteran's have access to affordable health and wellness needs. Everyday in the United States, roughly 22 veteran's will commit suicide. Through wellness education and accessibility, our goal is to help our local community of Veteran's lead happy, healthy lives. Thank you for your service.

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Greek God Panacea

Who Is Panacea?

In Greek mythology, Panacea is the goddess of universal remedy and healing; she was believed to have a potion that would cure any sickness or disease. Her name derives from the Greek word ‘panakes,’ which means 'all-healing.'

At Panacea Wellness dispensary, we believe in the power of cannabis. Experience wellness elevated with our exclusive, expertly-crafted cannabis products at the best price.

Panacea desk

Explore your wellness at our cannabis dispensary

At Panacea Wellness, we believe in cannabis as a modern form of wellness. We offer quality, expertly-crafted cannabis products to fit any need or lifestyle. We believe that cannabis has the power to elevate the wellbeing of our bodies and minds.

Inside panacea

Your Wellness is Our Business

Our award-winning weed dispensary provides a holistic approach to wellness, offering products that easily fit within any daily regimen to achieve your optimal state of being. After all, our namesake, Panacea, is known as the goddess of universal remedy and healing, and we use her as a guide on your wellness journey.

Whether you’re browsing in-store at our spacious dispensary, pre-ordering for pick-up, or opting for cannabis home delivery, we are happy to accommodate for any shopping experience with a variety of premiere products at great prices.

Betty's chews
Bubbys bites

We proudly present our in-house cannabis brands

Be sure to check out products from our award-winning brands such as Nature’s Heritage & Betty’s Eddies. Whether it’s flower and concentrates from Nature’s Heritage, all-natural fruit chews from Betty’s Eddies, soft-baked Bubby’s Baked brownies made with real ingredients, full-spectrum Vibations cannabis drink mixes, or K Fusion microdose mints, we proudly stock all of our crowd-pleasing brands.

We hope you enjoy these brands, as they are a reflection of our commitment to quality ingredients and focus on our commitment to wellness. From seed to sale, we’re intentional with our cannabis and eager to provide trusted quality to Massachusetts communities across the state. All of our in-house brands are crafted & cultivated with care locally in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Betty's EddiesNature's HeritageBubby's Baked GoodsK FusionVibations

Quality cannabis in products you love

When shopping at Panacea Wellness, you’re getting one-on-one access to our friendly, knowledgeable budtenders who help guide you through our menu to find the best cannabis products for your wellness needs.

We carry a wide array of cannabis products at our premium dispensaries, including top-quality flower, a variety of concentrates, vape cartridges and pods, an assortment of edibles, tinctures, topicals, and more. There’s no shortage of variety here so you can rest assured that you’ll find what you need.

When it comes to concentrates, we carry an extensive selection of products including live resin, live rosin, bubble hash, wax, sugar, diamonds, badder, kief, and RSO. If you prefer edibles, we carry baked goods, gummies, chews, and cannabis drink powders. For flower smokers, our in-house brand offers carefully cultivated cannabis flower that is rich in terpenes and cannabinoids.

Our commitment to quality is evident in our selection of products and brands. Our recreational (adult-use) and medical cannabis products are properly vetted before they reach our shelves, ready to be enjoyed by you for a safe, dependable and enjoyable wellness experiences.

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